Sunday, 24 February 2013

Sarcasm in the Pali Canon

From DN 3 (pp.122-3 in Walsh):

‘And was the Reverend Gotama such [107] as he is reported
to be, and not otherwise? And is he of such nature, and not
otherwise?’ ‘Sir, he is as he is reported to be. and he is of such
nature and not otherwise. He is possessed of the thirty-two
marks of a Great Man, all complete, with none missing.’
‘But was there any conversation between you and the asce-
tic Gotama?' ‘There was, sir.’
‘And what was this conversation about?’ So Ambattha told
Pokkharasati all that had passed between the Lord and him-

2.15. At this Pokkharasati exclaimed: ‘Well, you're a fine
little scholar, a fine wise man, a fine expert in the Three
Vedas! Anyone going about his business like that ought when
he dies, at the breaking-up of the body, to go to the downfall,
to the evil path, to ruin, to hell! You have heaped insults on
the Reverend Gotama, as a result of which he has brought up
more and more things against us! You’re a fine little scholar
. . .l' He was so angry and enraged that he kicked Ambattha
over, and wanted to start out at once to see the Lord. [108]

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