Friday, 16 January 2009

Notes from a talk with Damien

I just had another meeting with Damien Keown, my advisor - this time at an Italian cafe near his home in North Lambeth, London.

A quick summary -
  • I'm on a good track with things so far.
  • Needn't worry about defending a holistic approach generally, just perhaps note that there is dispute in this area as a general methodological concern.
  • Avoid the Vinaya vs Kantian Casuistry area discussed before. Try to stick with the interesting elements that have come up out of the summaries.
  • Be balanced = equal parts Kant and Buddhism, then analysis and bringing them into discussion (this might be the hardest part)
  • Keep the focus on the values of each, don't be derailed by the metaphysics.
Ok, off I go...

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