Sunday, 25 November 2007

Buddhist Ethics is Born!

In my ongoing efforts to use technology to overcome my inherent laziness and scatterbrainedness - a blog, devoted to Buddhist Ethics.


To categorize previous thought in Buddhist Ethics (rationalist, romantic, essoteric, etc)

To categorize previous thinkers (")

To categorize my own thoughts

To think aloud

To (eventually) invite feedback from interesting people

and anything else related to the above.


  1. Until the "interesting people" are able to find your new blog, Justin, I thought I'd comment. It'll give you something more to read while you're in Chicago for the AAR meeting.

    BTW, I'm going to be asking Danny if you snore or not in your shared hotel room. I'll need this info to assess you for new girlfriends I'm seeking for you. [Is this ethical?]

    I'll be posting a post in one of my many blogs re Nishitani's Path of Nothingness in the next few days. Does this have to do with ethics? Keiji Nishitani insists that the central question of life becomes "What purpose does my life have?" and that in a field of absolute nothingness ["absolute" in the sense that we are no longer centered in ourself. Self-centered nothingness is 'relative nothingness' or nihility in Nishitani-speak.] we are wholly receptive to others.

  2. Oh, Tom. Sorry to say, but you ARE one of those "interesting people."

    I suppose I'd best get my 'stuff' together since you tend to be a trendsetter and the rest of the world will soon be asking me obscure questions about long-dead Japanese guys and bizarre ideas like nihility.

  3. Neither your blog nor Nishitani will be obscure by the time *I* get done with them!

    BTW, How did you know I was interesting? I thought that fact was only known to doctors who are aware of the mysterious black hole found in my skull. And, you, you're not a doctor, yet.

  4. Re that other thing, I'll send some of those breathing strips one puts over the arch of one's nose to you, care of your hotel.

  5. Thanks for the breathing-strip suggestion, Tom. I'm oh so hopeful that neither of us will need them. We'll be at a conference surrounded by the greatest Buddhist academics in the nation and we'll need our beauty rest.

  6. You may not need your rest, O Wise Buddhist Philosopher. I note that your name is NOT on the program, whereas the Mighty Dan's is. All you need do is rustle yourself from sleep Monday at noontime to be in the audience to clap wildly for Danno.